Maybe, just maybe, I don’t own my life. Perhaps it is a borrowed life - taken from someone who cannot exist simply because I do. Would my parents have had another child if not for me? Would my drum teacher accept one more student if not for me? How many spaces have I taken up that could have easily belonged to someone else? It is this thinking that motivates me to work just that little bit more, the thinking that I have unknowingly snatched opportunity after opportunity from people who may have exceeded my current achievement. Opportunity to become a musician. Opportunity to buy this amazing jacket I recently purchased, the opportunity to simply exist - I may have stolen all these things from all these ‘might have been’ people. Even so, I continually taunt these ghosts, seen and unseen, with my careless attitude and lack of any real ambition. How long will they allow me to live for it? There will come a point when I will have, with little doubt, failed. What use am I then? Does fate just discard me then, free up some opportunity for those of better character? Maybe it’s time I woke up from this ‘at this moment’ attitude and fix myself with a dose of direction. Maybe.

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